Okaeri SIM Branding and Landing Page


Japanese nationals who are living and working overseas

Age group: late 20s – 30s


Product Planning and Design

Web Design and Development


Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Visual Studio Code

Programing Language: HTML, CSS, Javascript


What does okaeri (おかえり) mean?

In Japanese, okaeri (おかえり) means “Welcome home”. We are aiming to provide not only a telecommunication service but the feeling of being connected with one’s homeland no matter where they are. 


Who are we as a company?


Who will be using our service?


In what tone do we speak to our audience?


How is the audience expected to feel about our brand?


What influence does our brand have on the audience’s life?

"Okaeri SIM is a reliable partner that provides telecommunication service to living-abroad Japanese nationals who priotize convenience and mobility. With professional and intuitive support, you are always connected with loved ones anytime and anywhere."

User Persona

Yamamoto Hideki

32 years old, single, software engineer based in the US

Yamamoto is making stable income as a software engineer in Silicon Valley. Since his day job is very busy, he spends most of his time at home surfing the internet. As a technology enthusiast, he always looks for the newest products and compares them with each other.

Challenge: Yamamoto visits home once a year but he doesn’t have a Japanese phone number so communication is difficult, Prepaid SIM is the common option on the Internet but most of them only offer limited data so he can’t send SMS or call at ease.

Solution provided by Okaeri SIM: Okaeri SIM provides Japanese phone number that can be used anywhere in the world with fast and simple application process.  

Nakamura Runa

26 years old, long distance relationship, study abroad student

Nakamura is studying for her Master degree in China. She is in a long distance relationship with her boyfriend who’s living and studying in Japan, keeping constant communication is very important to their relationship. Since Nakamura is still a student she wants to save money as much as possible. She loves her family and friends dearly so she usually goes back to Japan whenever she has time.

Challenge: Since LINE and other SNS platforms that Nakamura is familiar with in Japan aren’t accessible in China, she wants to find am econimical way that helps her keep communication with loved ones in Japan regardless of where she is in the world. 

Solution provided by Okaeri SIM: Phone number provided by Okaeri SIM is Japanese phone number so the cost of international call is the same with domestic, SIM card from Okaeri SIM can be used anywhere in the world 

Style exploration

Design System

Primary Color

Secondary Color


Buttons and form components

Logo Design



Web Design and Development

User Dashboard

Future development

  • Expand to other market other than Japanese nationals, multilingual website development
  • Okaeri SIM for business
  • Provide pick-up service at the airport
  • Provide multilingual, mobile-first experience such as data tracking app