Present JP SMART SIM users can track their data usage and receipts, make payment and recharge easily on a native mobile app. As an extension of the user web dashboard, the app is expected to impove users’ digital experience by simplifying tracking and charging process with one-touch access.

Period: 4 months (August – December 2019)


Product Design

UI Design and Design System



User Persona

Joan Smith

22 years old, American, study abroad student

Joan is studying Liberal Arts at Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan. She was introduced to JP SMART SIM by a friend and now a current CALL SIM user. She usually uses her phone to watch Youtube videos and keep up with SNS. She uses LINE chat app to call and send message. Joan priortizes convenience when it comes to lifestyle and she always wants to finish tasks in the fastest and most convenient way.

How JP SMART SIM App can improve Joan’s lifestyle: one-touch access to all data, one time log-in to keep track on everything, smart notification for payments and other important information

Nguyen Van Hung

25 years old, Vietnamese, nursing staff in training

Hung is a Vietnamese student who is receiving training in a local hospital in Chiba Prefecture. Due to his profession, he has long shifts and his schedule is usually packed. As Hung is planning to work in Japan after graduation, he signed up for DATA SIM when the school recommended JP SMART SIM because he wants a Japanese phone number that allows him to open a bank account and find an apartment.

How JP SMART SIM App can improve Hung’s lifestyle: all important data can be accessed with one-touch, smart notification will keep Hung on track with payment and other important messages from JP SMART SIM 

User navigation map

On User Dashboard



Design System

Color Palette



Future improvement

  • Improve tab bar design and navigation for better iOS experience
  • Improve the design of recharge option buttons
  • Enable password censor option for better security
  • Encourage users to write reviews on the app by holding campaign and sending regular e-mail magazines