JP SMART SIM Application Form


Potential JP SMART SIM users who are foreigners living and studying in Japan. 90% of JP SMART SIM users are study abroad students and staffs in training who are navigating their new life in Japan.


Product Planning, UI and UX Design


Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator


I interviewed Customer Support team and Marketing team to determine challenges that users usually had and the present performance of the application form

Outdated design

The present interface of the application form was outdated and didn’t align with the new brand image


Users couldn’t tell where to make selections due to confusing buttons and form input placement

Not mobile friendly

Most users don’t have computers, however the interface design was hard to use on mobile


Many user landed on the first page but didn’t proceed to the next step



Minimalist responsive interface design that follows the new JP SMART SIM brand guidelines

More clicking

Breaking down the form into smaller steps to reduce unnecessary scrolling and increase clicking action 

Progress bar

Increasing sense of achivement by completing small tasks, showing the overall necessary steps for application

Design System

Color Palette


Progress Bar

Form elements

Interface Design


3 months after launching, application completion rate increased by 7%